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Grunge Brushset 1, PS7+ by Not-a-kitty Grunge Brushset 1, PS7+ by Not-a-kitty
Next set: A 9 brush grunge brushset. These are for backgrounds, not effects, so no bloody smears or anything. These are photoshop 7+ compatible, so they can be used in photoshop 7, CS, and CS2.

This set comes with Another little trick for brushing... with grunge, I find a good way to create backgrounds is to use a white brush set to difference mode and do the majority of the brushing on one layer. I know most tutorials and what not would have you do small amounts of brushing on several layers, which for most things in photoshop is a good idea. I find that brushing on difference mode can add depth and continuity as the brushing actually interacts. For example, the background for the demo on this brushset was just one layer that only took me like 20 minutes to make, all difference brushing. Then it has a couple of color balance layers since my brushing is usually black and white. Very simple, not hard to do, and gives a good effect.

If you download these brushes and like them, or think they may be useful to others, then a :+fav: would be much appreciated. It can help spread these to other users, and its always nice to know when your resources are being used.

Enjoy :)
BananaNutCrunch Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
Very interesting, but not entirely sure where to use them. Any suggestions? : )
mRbOilz Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2007
Very nice. can't w8 2 try em!
cjskater Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2005
gj dude, +fav and download
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July 21, 2005
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